Various Smaller Fixes

Hello! We just wanted to make note of several smaller adjustments we've been making to Don't Split the Party lately. Over the past few days, we've...

  • Addressed a glitch where the "fantasy" music would stop a few moments after starting in the scene when Brynn is reintroducing her friends to the campaign. That glitch should be fixed now, but if you still run into it please let us know!
  • Made minor fixes to a few lines of dialogue that had confusing wording, typos, or were appearing in the wrong typeface. The overall story is exactly the same, and the vast majority of dialogue is unchanged.
  • Made one or two minor fixes to parts of the story where characters weren't showing the correct facial expression / sprite, or where they weren't playing a vocal sound byte that they should have been (Such as, "Seriously?" "Come on!" "Nice, that worked!" "Uh..." etc).
  • Addressed UI scaling issues with the text in the main menu on higher resolution monitors. The text on buttons shouldn't appear extra small anymore.

As always, thank you so much for playing Don't Split the Party, and feel free to share any thoughts you have on the game in the comments!


Don't Split the Party, PC 42 MB
Jun 03, 2019
Don't Split the Party, Mac 46 MB
Jun 03, 2019

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