Fixed Cut-Off Text Issue and Updated Credits

Hello! Thanks so much to everyone who's downloaded on our game so far! It means a lot to us that you've taken a chance on Don't Split the Party, and we sincerely hope that you've enjoyed playing it.

We've released a new version of the game that includes the following fixes and changes:

  • Previously,  Ruby and Franklin's dialogue would be partially cut off on the right and left sides of some computer screens. That should be fixed now, but if you still run into any issues please let us know in the comments!
  • We updated the credits page of our game to make note of Secret Lab, the creators of the amazing Yarn language interpreter Yarn Spinner, without which our game would not have been possible. Another addition to the credits is Eric Haines, whose AspectRatioEnforcer script worked wonders in helping us solve the above-mentioned bug. Additionally, we added  to the credits page the websites and contact information of some already-listed collaborators, to allow them to more easily benefit from the spread of the game.

If you run into any technical issues with Don't Split the Party, please let us know in the comments. Moreover, feel free to let us know what you thought of our game overall! We'd love to hear about what you liked about Don't Split the Party, what you didn't like as much, and what experience you got out of the game. Any kind of feedback, whether it's about the story, characters, the way the game plays, the text on the screen, or anything else, would be greatly appreciated!

Again, thanks so much for playing!

-Ben & Nick


Don't Split the Party, PC 42 MB
May 30, 2019
Don't Split the Party, Mac 46 MB
May 30, 2019

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