PRE-INDIECADE POLISH! Updated Credits, Fixed Typos, & Other Small Things

Hi, there! In anticipation of Don't Split the Party being shown at IndieCade in mid-October (More on that below!!!!!), we polished a few things:

  • We updated the credits to properly reflect all the contributors to "AspectUtility" C# script. Originally, the credits listed Unify Community Wiki user Eric Haines (Eric5h5) as the sole creator of that script, but with the update, they now acknowledge users Akobylarek, Tomol, Neil Carter (NCarter), and Panajev for their contributions, according to the script's edit history on Unify Community Wiki. We apologize for having overlooked these contributors until now.
  • The "AspectUtiliy" script was originally listed as "AspectRatioEnforcer" in the credits. We changed this to reflect the more specific name of the script we used.
  • We fixed a few minor typos and grammatical errors throughout the script.
  • We fixed the blurriness of the Don't Split the Party logo on the game's title screen. It should look much sharper now!

Don't Split the Party is going to be at IndieCade in less than two weeks! While we won't be able to attend ourselves,  unfortunately, we'd be delighted if you decided to check out our game at the convention at the NYU Game Center's booth. Many other cool games that've come out of the NYU Game Center will be shown there as well. You should totally swing by!

Otherwise, thanks for playing our game! As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to tell us about what you like, what you think could be improved, any bugs you've encountered, etc. We'd love to hear from you!

-The Don't Split the Party Team


Don't Split the Party, Mac 46 MB
Sep 30, 2019
Don't Split the Party, PC 42 MB
Sep 30, 2019

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