Laserboy is all about using reflection physics to conquer obstacles. Need to hit a button around an awkward corner? Fire your laser at the right reflective surface and watch it bend right towards your target. Problem solved.

What’s more, the game sports a prototype color-changed mode designed to help players with Protanopia or Deuteranopia-type colorblindness more easily differentiate between important color cues (namely the changing color of the Laserboy’s laser). While this mode hasn’t been tested with colorblind players, it has passed tests using colorblindness simulating software.

In short, if you like lasers, cute things, lasers, platformers, and/or lasers, Laserboy is the game for you.


Design/Programming/Art/Music/Sound: Nick Carbonara (

Additional Programming: June Hong (

ADDITIONAL SOUND CREDITS: A few of the sound effects used in Laserboy, specifically the background ambient noise and the sound that moving platforms make, were taken from These sounds are licensed under CC BY 3.0 and were created by the following lovely human beings:

machine1.wav by visions68 (Note: In the game, I cut out a portion of visions68's sound file to use. In other words, I edited the file slightly before using it.)

World Trade Center during wind storm by xzuma

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