I’ve always been obsessed with writing my ideas down so as not to forget them, which has had a strong influence on my creative life. Unfortunately this leads to problems when I’m struck by a flurry of several compelling ideas at once, at which point I find myself desperately struggling to record these exciting little moments of inspiration before I lose them forever.

As someone whose life is characterized by a lot of little micro-managey habits like this, I felt like it made sense to use one of them as the subject of an autobiographical game. While the game presents a more stylized version of what this particular habit is like for me, I’m still glad I was able to capture some semblance of this odd little slice of my life to show to other people with Inspiration Hunter.

In general, I enjoyed seeing the mechanics of my game come together and watching players react to my game (especially watching them encounter the panic-inducing inspiration mechanic!), and getting new ideas for mechanics from them. On a more specific note, I had fun working with the visuals of the game, even if they all turned out relatively simple-looking in the end. Starting a new Maya object or beginning to paint one was usually an awkward experience filled with lots of janky modelling work, but once I got past this point it was a pleasure to see objects start to come together visually.

Probably my main hangup with this project was making enough time for it. Due to thinking I didn’t need as much time to make various fixes and add certain features as I actually did, many of those things never make it into the game. Hopefully I can learn from this going forward.